An Ode to Mondays

Oh, dear scorned and neglected one!
Day often approached in despair,
As the final, sweet moments of weekend expire.
A day bemoaned and begrudged;
Oh poor, little Mondays.

None want to wake to you,
All want to wait for you.
Marker of the week,
The work begins with you,
As sighs and fruffy grumbles float across the office space.

But may it not be oh Dawn Breaker, oh Bringer of New Life!
Accused of fussy scruples and pedantic pontificating.
You saucy little rascal.
You plucky tortoise who shall win the race.

With new week, comes new focus, new resolve.
It is New Year’s resolutions every New Monday.
Tis cause for celebration. May we shout and rejoice.
Another opportunity draws nigh to be the gladiator champion of productivity.

So pour the robust beans,
That scalding, hot elixir of the heavens.
Breathe in full and deep the crisp, morning air.
Admire the glittering lights of dew resting and waking with the dawn.
Seize the day; grasp hold and leave your fingerprints on time and space.

Monday has invited you to become legend.

And if nothing else… only four days until Friday…